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Mary Hernandez

Promoting Healing with Homeopathy & Nutrition

About Mary Hernandez, Holistic Health Practitioner

Promoting hope through healing, naturally.

Ever since overcoming severe autoimmune disease for which convention medicine had no hope, Mary has been drawn to exploring methods of care that harness and promote our body's innate abilities to heal.  When her son was diagnosed with classic autism, she began her quest to optimize his capacity.  After a dramatic “awakening” through use of nutrition, he found incredible healing with classical homeopathy. Thus began a decade-long journey through which she studied extensively how to individualize holistic therapies and dietary approaches to promote healing for those on the autistic spectrum, or dealing with allergies, autoimmune disorders, ADD, ADHD, PANDAS, PANS, seizure disorders, and other chronic health concerns. 

Mary began studying classical homeopathy through the School of Homeopathy in Devon, UK, and then went on to study many approaches to finding an individualized remedy. She has studied homeopathic facial analysis, use of bowel nosodes to prompt balance in the microbiome, gemmotherapy (use of embryonic plant cells) and oligotherapy (use of trace minerals to promote enzymatic functions), health kinesiology, use of cell salts, as well as other forms of holistic care to determine a highly individualized plan for healing.

While Mary's primary approach to dealing chronic concerns involves classical homeopathy, she is certified as a holistic health coach and can guide her clients to make lifestyle changes to overcome obstacles to healing. As a firm believer in bio-individuality, Mary has studied functional nutrition and many nutritional approaches to achieving balance and wellness. 


Mary has developed an expertise in helping clients to overcome the effects of toxic exposures through homeopathy, from toxic mold, sick house syndrome, and reactions to allopathic medication to oil spills and the red tide reactions. Mary uses homeopathy to gently prompt the body to improve detoxifiation capacity. 

For those in the NYC area, there is also an Ioncleanse footbath at Mary’s office in Staten Island for detoxification needs. 


Mary is a member of:

  • National Center for Homeopathy   

  • North American Society of Homeopaths

  • The Centre for Homeopathic Education, UK

  • World Homeopathy Community     

  • PANDAS Physician's Network                                                                        

  • IAHC International Association of Health Coaches                                                   

  • Board Member, National Autism Association, NYC Metro Chapter   

  • Founding Member: Staten Island Network of Integrative Practitioners  

  • Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US)



About Mary
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Mary Henandez

Could Homeopathy Provide Healing Answers for YOU and/or Your Child?


Rather than working to suppress symptoms, homeopathy works on the principle of "like cures like," using substances found  in nature to strengthen one's own vital force or underlying energetic body, empowering one's one innate capacity to self-heal. Remedy determination is highly individualized.  This holistic approach understands one's physical, emotional and mental health to be all part of the same YOU, and treats you as a single whole.


Mary uses homeopathy in conjunction with any needed lifestyle changes to improve the body's own ability to detoxify.  Homeopathy was founded over 300 years ago, in an era in which many toxic substances, such as mercury or arsenic, were used as medicines to suppress symptoms. It has a 300 year long history of overcoming toxic affects of medication. Mary also has an Ioncleanse footbath at her office which has shown in studies to facilitate detoxification of glyphosate and heavy metals. 

A healthy gut with a balanced microbiome is essential to overall well-being.   In today's world so many factors compromise  the community of bacteria that we depend on for our own immune function and optimal health.  Homeopathy can help to bring balance, improve immune function and gut integrity. This can be essential to healing in autism and so many chronic illnesses. 

The Gut/Brain Connection

Mary has become an expert in dosing for children and adults who are extreme sensitivities, and have suffered reactions or aggravations with other approaches to care.

Women's Health

Constant stress, particularly among mothers of children with special needs, leads to chronic health concerns. To be there for those who need them, women must prioritize self-care. Mary has a 6-week group program as well as individual care for women who seek optimal wellness.


Mary specializes in natural options for healing in PANDAS amd PANS without the side effects inherent in prolonged antibiotic use.  Homeopathy can be done along side conventional treatments or on its own. 

Improving Immune Function

In today's world we are confronting a new definition of "normal" in which the levels of illness, allergies, attention deficits, anxiety, and other issues seem pervasive. Homeopathy can help optomize immune function and wellness of body, mind and spirit.



"Mary has been a major help to us over the last 4 years we've been with her!  My daughter came to her with severe PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) symptoms--essentially anorexia, OCD, and digestive issues.  At one point she had pulled out half of her hair and would hit her head in self-punishment.  Mary quickly gave us hope and help.  At another time, during this journey, my daughter was on the verge of going to the hospital because of the severity of her symptoms, we were trying everything, but the only thing that touched it was a remedy selected by Mary.  Over the years we have needed much support, but Mary has been there for us. She has been responsive, determined and resourceful to see us through the hardest parts of this healing journey.  I can tell she really cares and goes beyond the call to find the best possible prescription for my children. She is also very understanding of sensitive kids!  Now my daughter has lots of hair, has no fear of eating anymore, and is very often her old, creative self. We are a work in progress and are thrilled to have Mary's help!  Thank you, Mary!!"

— Ellen Y.

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